Welcome to the NEW mail.indyweb.net




Once again Indyweb has upgraded to a New State of the Art mail server. This new Server runs the latest available software on the latest Operating System and hardware. You may notice some differences in the look of our web based interface, but there should be no loss of your mail.



You may find that things look a bit different, but we are sure you will become familiar with the changes quickly. Should you have any problems and need assistance, please call us at (317) 536-1201 or send an E-mail to helpdesk@indyweb.net.



Note: E-Mail messages are every dynamic. Our mail servers get thousands of messages very day and most of the messages are picked up (removed) from the servers soon after arrival. The result of this constant change is that daily backups are ineffective. We do backup all of our servers on a daily basis to external Backup Servers. The folders containing the mail data, does however not get backed up. Instead we rely on the fact that all mail data is stored on Raid drives. Raid drives are arrays of redundant drives. Data is mirrored on more than 1 drive in real time. If one drive were to fail, the redundant drive would take over allowing us to repair the fault without losing data. Since We have no external backup of mail messages, we recommend that you remove all critical messages from the mail server and keep them on your local system.


Indyweb makes every effort to insure the security of our customers' data, but we can not be held responsible for data loss due to events beyond our control.


Thanks from the whole IndyWeb team.


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